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I was shocked. I knew a friend of mine was a natural at getting women but I had never seen anything like it. I just couldn’t believe how someone could go out to lunch and come back to fifteen new messages from girls wanting to hook up. I watched as he showed me his Fuckbook inbox, fifteen new unopened messages and three new photo comments. I was still sceptical, thinking that maybe those messages were just rejections but as we looked at each message, “Sure I can make Friday.” “Is Thursdayokay for you?” “I can’t make Monday, but Tuesday sounds good!”

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I had met girls online before but never like the girls i met on the adult chat service of NRJ Tchatche. These were some seriously hot fucking girls. He boasted about how most guys complicate things and all he does is follow a few simple principles. I wanted him to teach me like he was Mr Miyagi and I was the karate kid. I wanted the same success that he had.

It wasn’t instant at first, but I started to get results too. I would try new things and discard things that didn’t work until I eventually found myself having the same success as my friend.

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Online dating is definitely a great way of meeting women. I have met a lot of amazing girls from the social networking sites. It is however, not a substitute for real
life. I see online dating as more of a side project that you work on but don’t invest a ton of your time into.

Fuckbook is a very quick way to meet singles online, both for men and women, Fuck book was designed to quickly match people that are looking to have sex with the people of their fantasies. Fuck book has much more to offer than regular dating sites, that’s why you need to join Fuckbook to fully enjoy the experience.

Online dating is a numbers game. Because it is a numbers game the only factor we can improve is increasing the odds that a girl will be receptive towards you and willing to meet in person. In real life there are factors that you can control that are very hard to control online. The factor’s online that you cannot control, such as her current mood and if she is distracted or if she’s busy, all affect how she responds to you. In real life you can change her mood and change her receptiveness towards you. You can captivate her in such a way that she is 100% in the moment with you. You can control all those factors in real life but online they are out of your control. You cannot convey tone and body language in the online world. So with only just your words of text to work with, it is not as powerful and can easily be misinterpreted.

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